To witness the premiere of your Bohemian Concerto has been the most exciting musical experience in my life. Mary Grant (Virginia Beach, USA)

Polo Piatti is undeniably one of the best melody creators in today's classical music landscape. A master at provoking the deepest emotions and moving the coldest hearts, he uses astonishingly melodious music that seems quite "simple" but has the unquestionable complexity of a genius. George Halloway. (San Diego, California, USA)

Piatti's score was splendid. Your works on the disc are as I've said before extremely relaxing but in concert with a full orchestra and you at the piano your music is incredibly powerful. There is a directness about it which makes me think that I always write too many notes! I shan't forget you walking nonchalantly onstage with your glasses on top of your head and returning without them - very charming!  Paul Lewis, composer (UK)


I am a big fan of Polo Piatti's music. He brings great beauty and joy to people like me. His work is of the spirit and we have so much to thank him for. Heather T. (UK)

Your Bohemian Piano Concerto was a triumph and has restored my belief in today's classical music.

John T. (Miami, USA)


It was fantastic to perform your beautiful piece, thank you for inviting me and for a wonderful day!

Oliver Poole, concert pianist (UK)

I must congratulate you again on your 'Old Forest'. What an all-enveloping experience it was. It was so beautiful and emotionally charged that it was almost too much to bear! That wonderful edgy passionate film noir quality with your Latin blood pulsing was all totally gobsmacking! For a moment nothing else mattered and we were transcended into our own “Old Forest.” I felt the orchestra really played their hearts out for you with a 100% commitment to the piece. A true reflection of their respect for you and your music and of course your playing was sublime. Justin P. (UK)

Having listened to the work in full, I am going so far as to say that your composition 'Lullaby For A Clown' is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Julian M. (UK)


Your music and CD are wonderful. The mood is fantastic. Thank you! Stewart M. (Germany)


Polo, your work is beyond mere words. Thank you for an incredibly emotional afternoon, I played your cd through a full four times, and was intuitively playing harmonies in my 'soul' along with the fabulous team of musicians you all are. Pure MAGIC! Chris F. (UK)


An awesome album. Thank you! Jenny F. (USA)


I would like to thank you so much for playing at the event, which was brilliant... I cannot tell you how many people have spoken to me after and since the event to say how much they enjoyed your performance. Judy Rogers, Mayor of Hastings (UK)

So thrilled with Polo Piatti's new CD. There are some real gems on this collection. I continue to admire all his work.

Louise D. (UK)


I only listen to good music, that's why I like Polo Piatti’s. What is life without music and people like him who create it? Mervyn H. (UK)


One had to be captivated by Polo Piatti's pianistic and improvisational talents. Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)


A pianist of extraordinary personality and notable technical interpretation as he demonstrated in his numerous performances in front of European audiences. La Calle (Chile)


I particularly like the recording of 'Lullaby For A Clown' - a perfect rendition of a great piece of music! Simon Proctor, Composer, Royal Academy of Music (UK)


Certainly the most unusual event this week by a very long way; worth a trip west. Time Out magazine, Martin Hoyle, London (UK)


Such magnificent improvisations can be possible only by a tremendous power of concentration and full mastery of the keyboard. El Mensajero Cultural, Madrid (Spain)


I did not know what to expect from an improvised concert. And there I find myself, suddenly crying like a baby, touched by this gorgeous music! Yoko Matsumura, Bechstein Hall, Tokio (Japan)


This was great music theatre with the splendid composer and pianist Polo Piatti. Die Gaubote Herrenberg (Germany)

Piatti’s album moves almost imperceptible from melancholy to playful, and optimism to elegy. Polo’s work has been feted around the world. His pedigree is unquestioned. Hastings Observer, Rob Anderson (UK)

The Palm d'Or goes to Polo Piatti, whose suite for piano & orchestra was a vehicle for his virtuoso playing. Antony Mair, Hastings Online Times Magazine (UK)

Another, superb night of music, once again your music 'Days Gone By' was outstanding - so moving ... I brought 14 friends to your concert. Mervyn H. (England, UK)

What a joy and a pleasure this entire experience with you was for us! The audience and our orchestra fully embraced you and your music. Your fill-in for rehearsal was a memorable moment and the guidance you provided to us was inspiring. Looking forward to another collaboration in the future!  Daniel w. Boothe, principal conductor, Symphonicity Symphony Orchestra (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)

Just to say your music is really moving and beautiful, I have been getting familiar with some of it on YouTube while working from home. It's amazing to have found such pieces so unexpectedly - they all cause an emotional reaction, a sense of melancholy that fits the time and the place for me so perfectly, especially right now. The sunrises and the sunsets, the seagulls, the empty streets, even my leaking roof! If something positive came out of that Nextdoor post, coming across your music was it - thank you. It is our loss that we didn't know of your music until now, next time you're in concert, whenever that will be, we are not going to miss it! Mervyn Roza Mavrovati (UK)

Click to listen to 'Reverie' for piano and strings orchestra,,