"I am a big fan of Polo Piatti's music. He brings great beauty and joy to people like me. His work is of the spirit and we have so much to thank him for" Heather Thomson, London, UK

"Piatti's intensively improvised counterpoints and original melismata reminded us of Franz Liszt. A truly extraordinary piano evening" Otto Bantel, Stuttgarter Zeitung

"I only listen to good music, that's why I like Polo Piatti’s. What is life without music and people like him who create it?

Mervyn Hayes, Northiam, UK


- Agitato (for piano and strings)
- Allegretto (for mixed choir)
- And At The End Of It All, This (for piano and orchestra)
- Anthem, England O England (for orchestra)
- Bohemian Concerto (for Piano and Orchestra)
- Broad, Sunlit Uplands (for piano orchestra)
- Catch Me If You Can (for trombone and orchestra - available as of July 2020)
- C’est La Vie (for orchestra)
- Christmas Concerto (for Guitar and Orchestra - available as of January 2021)
- Come And Make Your Way (for choir)
- Come Take My Hand (for mixed choir)
- Duty Sublime (for orchestra)
- Farewell (for piano orchestra)
- Funfair (for orchestra)
- Green Fields (for piano and orchestra)
- Goodbye (for piano orchestra)
- Hazy Days (for orchestra)
- In Days Gone By (for orchestra)
- Joie De Vivre (for orchestra)
- LamenTango (for piano and orchestra)
- Libera Nos Multi-Faith Oratorio (for 5 solists, mixed choir, children's choir and orchestra - available as of July 2020)
- Lullaby For A Boy (for string ensemble)
- Lullaby For A Clown (for violoncello orchestra)
- Merry Go Round (for clarinet and piano)
- Nuptial March (for orchestra)
- Once Upon A Train (for piano and orchestra)
- One Fine Day (for orchestra)
- Reverie (for piano and orchestra)
- Sentimental Journey (Suite for Orchestra)The Tides Of Time (Suite for Orchestra)
- Soledad Para Dos (for mixed choir)
- Springtime In Sussex (for orchestra)
- Still Life Goes On (for piano and orchestra)
- Tango Alegre (for mixed choir)
- Tango Mood (for orchestra)
- Tango Solitaire (for piano and orchestra)
- Tango Suite (for piano and orchestra)
- The Chase (for xylophone and orchestra)
- The Distant Shore (for piano and orchestra)
- The Endless Waves (for orchestra) The Rider (for piano and orchestra)
- The Girl, The Flower And The Bee (for piano and orchestra)
- The Impossible Pieces (virtuoso pieces for violin/clarinet/trumpet and orchestra)
- The Joy Of Spring (for orchestra)
- The King (for orchestra)
- The Old Forest (for piano and orchestra)
- The Passage Of Time (for orchestra)
- The Road Back Home (for orchestra)
- The Tides Of Time (for orchestra)
- The Walk (for wind, brass and strings ensemble)
- Through The Gate (for piano and orchestra)
- Tristesse & Passion (for violin and piano)
- Violoncello Concerto (available as of October 2021)
- Waltz (for piano and orchestra)
- Wonder & Storm (for piano and orchestra - available as of August 2020)


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