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Libera Nos Multi-faith Oratorio

Written for five solo voices, two choirs and full orchestra, Libera Nos is a major and groud-breaking opus commissioned by gthe Musica Sacra organisation. Inspired by the world's five biggest religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the work is due to be world-premiered by national and international artists, including the renowned London Mozart Players together with the Hastings Sinfonia orchestra. Libera Nos is believed to be the very first work of its kind to be perfomed in the world.

The Impossible Pieces for Virtuoso Soloists and Orchestra

Four pieces for virtuosi and orchestra: No.1 for Trumpet and orchestra, No. 2 for Clarinet and orchestra, No. 3 for Violin and orchestra, and No. 4 for a trio of Trumpet, Clarinet and Violin and orchestra. The pieces are believed to be extremelly demanding but not impossible to perform. Or are they?

Old World Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra

Privately commissioned and recently completed, this is perhaps Piatti's most dynamic and melodic concerto. The work is set to be wrold-premiered in the United Kingdom by young star cellist Tim Possner on the ocassion of the next International Composers Festival in May 2022.

Christmas Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra

Composed for guitar & orchestra, this work was commissioned by Argentine master guitarist Sergio Puccini who is set to world-premiere it in 2021, during the Christmas season.

Bohemian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Probably one of Piatti's most emotional major works, this concerto depicts the bohemian life of someone dedicated to the Arts in all its glory and drama. It is the musical illustration of a passionate life full of ups and downs, highs and lows, hopes and dreams, near misses, and silver linings. On and on it goes, from one extreme to the next and back again; from happiness to pain, from desperation to hope, from fast to slow, only to pick up again when you think it’s all over. It is an interpretation of and homage to an artistic life lived to the full without any safety nets. The same should be said for the concerto’s musical form. It is to a large extent more rhapsodic and improvisatory than formal. As it is a very romantic work, it requires a lot of subtle feeling, not only technical skills from a pianist in order to extract all the subtleties, emotions, vigour, and passion encapsulated in this concert. The work was world-premiered in October 2019 in Virginia, in the USA to a standing ovation.

Mata Hari Opera

Still in work, this is a large opera based on the adventurous and dramatic life of the Dutch exotic dancer, courtesan, and spy Mata Hari.

Argentine Dances for Orchestra

A compilation of 14 spectacular symphonic compositions inspired by over 30 traditional dances and airs from Argentina. The extensive work was recently completed and is due for release by Goodmusic Publishing soon.

Songs Of Love & Despair Female Voice and Piano

A comprehensive cycle of twelve strongly emotional songs, composed for female voice & piano,

Duty Sublime for Orchestra

Composed for full orchestra, this work was privately commissioned to be presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

Farewell for Piano and Orchestra

Is perhaps one of Piatti's best known and most loved short works for piano & orchestra. The original recording with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by the composer from the piano and is available on Seafront Records.

Goodbye for Oboe and Orchestra

Also available on the Seafront label, this is a very much loved track internationally. One of the best renditions of the solo in existence was recorded by Czech soloist Marta Sejkorová on oboe together with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Green Fields for Orchestra

Is a very evocative work for piano & orchestra. The piece was world-premiered by the Hastings Sinfonia orchestra conducted by Derek Carden, with the composer as the soloist.

New Tangos for piano and Orchestra

Is a compilation of recent tangos for piano & orchestra, including some of Piatti's classical tangos such as Tango Solitaire, Melancholia, and others.

The Chase for Trombone and Orchestra

This is a virtuoso piece dedicated to charismatic Japanese trombonist Yuka Hara and is awaiting its world premiere in Japan.

The Tides Of Time Orchestral Soundtracks

This is Piatti's first suite for orchestra composed in the United Kingdom. A collection of 14 very atmospheric soundtracks and was inspired by the life by the sea. The recording was released to great success by Seafront Records. 

Lonely Flower for Piano solo

Written for piano, this is an intimate, almost fragile work, inspired by, and dedicated to wonderful Chinese pianist Sunny Li who premiered the work in 2018 to great success.

Sentimental Journey for String Orchestra and Full Orchestra

This is Piatti's second orchestral suite and was premiered by him conducting by the Okamon Concerto Orchestra in Osaka during the composer's tour of Japan. The work describes the composer's impressions taken during his extensive travels around the globe.

The Birds for Flute and Piano

This recently composed piece was inspired by the multitude of birds that could suddenly be heard once more when human activity came to a standstill during the global pandemic in the spring of 2020. It is dedicated to Daisy Noton, a BBC Young Musician of the year finalist, who premiered it in August 2020 together with pianist Oliver Poole.

Tristesse And Passion for Violin and Orchestra

A work with two very different and contrasting sections for violin and piano, Tristesse & Passion was world-premiered by violinist Daniel Rainey together with the composer on the piano during the 2013 International Composers Festival to great acclaim.

Wonder & Storm for Piano and Orchestra

This is a demanding pianistic work, inspired by - and dedicated to - international virtuoso pianist Oliver Poole. The work is due to be published in 2021 by impromptu Music Publishing.

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Click to listen to 'And At The End Of It All, This' performed by Polo Piatti (piano) and the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra