Polo Piatti is an award-winning British-Argentine composer and concert pianist, and one of the very few high-profile international musicians concentrating exclusively on the creation, performance, and promotion of melodic, universally appealing classical music. He is considered a leading neo-romantic composer.


Piatti believes very strongly that melodic music is able to generate deep positive emotions, and in doing so, contribute greatly to a much better world today.

Considered a pioneer performer of classical piano improvisations since his youth, he completed several tours as a soloist and with orchestras throughout Europe, Asia, North, and South-America. And his compositions have been performed and are loved all over the world for their evocative and passionate character.
Some of his latest commissions include a Multi-Faith Oratorio ‘Libera Nos’ (to be world-premiered by the London Mozart Players in 2022 in the UK), his ‘Christmas Concerto’ for Guitar & Orchestra, and his ‘Old World Concerto’ for Cello & Orchestra.

Piatti is a member of the Royal Society Of Musicians Of Great Britain, the Ivor's Academy, the British Music Writers Council, and a Patron of the British Music Society, among many other prestigious organizations. Some of the works are currently published by Goodmusic Publishing and Impromptu Music.

Born in Buenos Aires, Polo Piatti was a child prodigy. He started piano lessons at the age of 4 and became a successful concert pianist in his youth. He was admitted at the exceptionally young age of 12 to one of South-America's most prestigious music academies, the Conservatorio Nacional Superior de Música in Buenos Aires, graduating later with distinction as Profesor Nacional de Música. Leaving Argentina to pursue an international career from an early age, he continued his studies in Paris and Berlin, moving later to London to work as a composer, concert pianist, and conductor.

A celebrated neo-romantic composer, Piatti's compositions are chosen and widely performed for their highly emotional, evocative, and passionate impact. He has written, produced, orchestrated, and arranged music for the concert hall, theatre plays, art films, dance productions, and art installations.

In 2012 he founded and directed the first-ever International Composers Festival in Hastings, Great Britain, with the aim to bring together composers and musicians from all over the world to showcase new classical music that is melodic, harmonious, and universally appealing. In the same year, he also founded Hastings' longest established orchestra, the Hastings Sinfonia, remaining its Artistic Director until today.

Polo Piatti has recently completed some of his largest commissions to date, the first-ever Multi-Faith Oratorio 'Libera Nos', an anthology of 14 symphonic ‘Argentine Dances’ as well as his 'Bohemian Concerto’ for Piano & Orchestra - which was world-premiered by virtuoso American pianist Thomas Pandolfi with the Symphonicity Orchestra conducted by renowned maestro Daniel W. Boothe in Virginia Beach, USA, on October 2019.

Polo Piatti conducted the premiere of his most successful orchestral suite Sentimental Journey in Osaka, Japan, and then recorded it in the Czech Republic with the world-renowned City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducting the orchestra himself from the piano. The result of that very special recording was released by Seafront Records and has become one of Piatti's most successful CD releases to-date.

In 2016 he was specially commissioned to compose a piece for Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II, for her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The result was 'Duty Sublime' a powerful composition for full orchestra that is currently performed by numerous orchestras in the United Kingdom and around the world.

In 2017 Piatti founded the Opus Theatre, an iconic 700 seats concert hall in Hastings, with the intention to offer artistic events of the highest possible quality that are accessible to everyone.

Presently, he is working on his very first large-scale opera, as well as on several commissions by musicians, organizations, and private individuals from around the world. In 2019 Piatti completed two commissioned concerti, his ‘Old World Concerto’ for Violoncello and Orchestra and his ‘Christmas Concerto’ for Guitar and Orchestra, recorded in September by the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra and Sergio Puccini as the soloist.

Piatti performs regularly at his ClassicUs Salons, producing events and talks in Hastings, UK, where he is joined by invited guests to discuss the current state of music and the arts in general as well as presenting new works in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere.    


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World-Premiere, International Festival Orchestra - Daniel W. Boothe

Tim Posner (violoncello), 20th May 2022, 7pm De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill, UK

LIBERA NOS - A Multi-Faith Oratorio

World Premiere, Opus Theatre, Hastings, UK

London Mozart Players, Hastings Sinfonia, 20th November 2022


World Premiere Recording completed in December 2021 [to be released soon]

Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra

Sergio Puccini (guitar)

Conducted by Péter Ellenyi


Premiered by Antonello Tampani (clarinet) Antonio D'Anto (piano)

Premiered August-December 2021 on European tour through Italy, Spain, etc.


World-Premiered Opus Theatre, Hastings

Privately commissioned, the work was premiered by

Daisy Noton (flute) and Oliver Poole (piano)

7th August 2020, Opus Theatre, Hasting, United Kingdom

Polo addressing the orchestra - 1.jpeg

 'People listen to music in order to feel something. They do not sit down on a concert hall to  admire how clever the composer might be. I believe in the emotional power of natural melodies, traditional harmonies, and gentle rhythms. In a type of music that touches people's hearts, encouraging them to imagine a better world" - from a recent interview with Classic Radio, Brazil -

Click to listen to 'The Impossible Piece No. 4' for trumpet, clarinet, violin and orchestra. (Sheet music of all 'Impossible Pieces', now available from Goodmusic Publishing)