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R E C E N T   N E W S


Piatti's Bohemian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra CD is to be launched in October. Recorded by American virtuoso pianist Thomas Pandolfi and the National Symphony Orchestra under conductor John Andrews will be released on the Seafront Records label.

This is what the artists said about the work:

“This is a great virtuoso piece, but it’s also got a real heart and it’s got real soul,... a real tenderness at the core of it that I think pianists and lovers of music are going to find very, very infectious... It’s a great, big, soulful, rich romantic piano concerto.“ John Andrews

“It’s fabulously melodic, ... it takes virtuosity probably where Franz Liszt left off and if we go a little bit into the early 20th century’s fabulous piano composers such as Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev, taking those guys and pushing the limits of technique to a higher level.“ Thomas Pandolfi

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