Polo Piatti founded this unique festival in 2012 and is still its artistic director. The festival takes place by the sea on the South of England every few years, He conceived this festival with the specific purpose to commission and showcase classical music created by living composers that write melodic, harmonious and universally appealing. Hundreds of distinguished composers and musicians attend the festival from all over the world over a long weekend. The next festival is to take place on 17th, 18th and 19th September 2021 in Hastings & Bexhill-on-Sea .



Polo Piatti founded Hasting's very popular orchestra, the Hastings Sinfonia, with the intention to help promote beautiful and accessible orchestral works from the classical repertoire as well as new melodic works. This very successful orchestra is composed by volunteer musicians from the local area and rehearses on a regularPolo is still the orchestra's artistic director, writing for and performing with it on a regular basis.


Founded and directed since 2012 by Polo Piatti, the main function of Classicus is to discuss and promote the value of tonal and melodic classical music created by living composers. During the very popluar Classicus Talks people can meet, ask questions and debate with both, established and up-and-coming classical composers, musicians, artists, singers, writers and thinkers and their individual relationship to classical music.


Piatti founded the impressive 700 seats Opus Theatre in 2016. The very special venue is situated in Hastings town centre and offers high quality and accessible events from the world of music, theatre, opera and the visual arts. to great success.

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