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'The Birds' was commissioned by one Piatti's most generous benefactors. The piece was inspired by the multitude of birds that could suddenly by heard once more when human activity came to a standstilll during the global pandemic in the spring of 2020. The piece is dedicated to wonderful virtuoso flutist Daisy Noton, winds-finalist at the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2020.

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'Agitato' was commissioned by and dedicated to the Imperial College String Ensemble, who  performed it together - with Polo on the piano - for the first time at London's Holy Trinity Church.

'The Walk' was commissioned and dedicated to the 'Ensemble de la Bellle Musique' who performed it as a world-premiere in 2018 in Singapore. The work has been dedicated to that wonderful group of very dedicated and talented musicians.

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The piece 'Funfair' was inspired by and dedicated to a group of enthusiastic people that roams the streets of Hastings (especially during the summer) with their illuminated bycicles, creating a wonderful spectacle by the sea for everyone to enjoy.

'Duty Sublime' was privately commissioned to celebrate HM Queen Ellizabeth'r 90th Birthday in 2016. The piece endeavour to capture Queen Elizabetht's personality, dignity and above anythins else, her admirable sense of duty.

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'The Impossible Pieces' were conceived as four short individual pieces written for three world class soloists (clarinet, trumpet and violin), each leading the orchestra with a different melody while the orchestral accompaniment remains exactly the same. What makes the work unique is the surprise at the end, when all three soloists come together in a glorious finale with all three melodies slotting together seamlessly in the fourth piece. Constructed with a very elaborate counterpoint throughout, universally appealing, uplifting and with the flair and panache of a concerto but much shorter in length, 'The Impossible Pieces' may be difficult to play (though not impossible!) making them true showcase works for virtuoso soloists.

"Lulllaby For A Clown' was inspired by the death of one of my best friends and colleagues, the fabulously talented German theatre clown Frieder Nögge. Later on, and since this is a piece conceived for cello, I dedicated it to the first professional musicians working with me after relocating in Hastings, in the South coast of England, violoncellist Jonathan Bruce." Polo Piatti

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3rd Moovement

"The Bohemian Concerto' depicts the Bohemian life of someone dedicated to the arts in all its glory and drama. It is the musical illustration of a passionate life full of ups and downs, highs and lows, hopes and dreams, near misses and silver linings. On and on it goes, from one extreme to the next and back again; from happiness to pain, from desperation to hope, from fast to slow, only to pick up again when you think it’s all over. It is an interpretation of and homage to an artistic life lived to the full without any safety nets.'

"When Chinese world-class pianist Sunny Li mentioned to me (very much in passing) that no composer had ever written for or dedicated anything to her, I immediately decided to change that. 'The Lonely Flower' is the result of that decission." Polo Piatti

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Green Fields was a spontaneously creeated piece, inspired and written down while admiring the beautiful, almost magical English countryside.

"I wrote for and dedicated 'The Old Forest' to Sally Beresford and Clive Ford, the grand draw winners at the 2015 International Composers Festival." Polo Piatti

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"Some special people and great musicians have inspired me to write for them. And wonderful Japanese trombonist Yuka Hara is no exception. I wrote this piece for trombone and orchestra after meeting Yuka for the second time as I imagined her performing a piece like this one, full of joy and cheekiness." Polo Piatti

"Farewel' was inspired by living right opposite a big and well visited cemetery in London's East-End.  Polo Piatti


Another piece directly inspired by a very special musician.This time it was virtuoso percussionist Christopher Beaumont to whom 'The Chase', for Solo Xylophone and orchestra, is dedicated.